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مکالمه در مورد خرید کردن-انگلیسی ها

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A: “Welcome. Can I help you with anything?”
B: “Hi. I’m shopping for my boyfriend’s birthday. Do you have any suggestions?”
A: “Let’s see. How about a nice shirt and tie? You can’t go wrong there.”
B: “Well. He doesn’t wear ties that often...”
A: “We have some nice pants. You can also get him a belt with it.”
B: “That sounds good. Which one do you recommend?”
A: “These slacks are very popular. He can wear them to dress up a little or on a normal casual day.”
B: “I like them. Do you have matching belts?”
A: “Yes. Right over here.”
B: “How much are they?”
A: “The pants are on sale for $40, and the belt is $25...”
B: “What is your return policy just in case he doesn’t like them?”
A: “Just save the receipt and we will gladly return or exchange them for you.”
B: “That sounds great. I’ll take them.”


A: “Hey Jackie. What are you doing?”
B: “Nothing much. I’m just relaxing today. Why? What’s going on?”
A: “I was thinking about heading to the mall. Do you want to go?”
B: “Are they having a sale?”
A: “Yeah. Both Bon and Nordstrom’s is having there annual sale. It’s a great time to buy some clothes you’ve been holding out on.”
B: “That sounds great. Where should we meet?”
A: “I’ll meet you in front of Nordstrom’s in 30 minutes.”
B: “Sounds good. See you there.”
of Nordstrom’s in 30 minutes.”


A: “What do you think about these shoes?”
B: “They’re cute. But do you think you’ll wear them much?”
A: “No. Not really.”
B: “This sweater is so pretty. I love the low neck design.”
A: “I bet it’s expensive.”
B: “It’s on sale for $80. What do you think? Should I try them on?”
A: “For 80 bucks it looks great. Go try it on.”
bucks it looks great. Go try it on...”


A: “Where is your dressing room?”

B: “Right over there.”

B: “Right over there.”

A: “Where is your dressing room?”


A: “I loved it. I’ll take it.”
B: “How did you like the sweater???”
A: “Here you go?”
B: “Great. I can ring you up over here. It comes to $87.04.”
A: “No I don’t.”
B: “Do you have a credit card with us?”
A: “Not today. Thanks though.”
B: “If you open up a card, you can save 10% on all your purchases today...”
A: “Sure.”
B: “No problem. We always have this offer, so when ever you decide to, just let us know.”
A: “Yeah. I was looking at some of your pants, but they are all a bit too long. Do you have alteration services here?”
B: “Is there anything else I can help you with?”
A: “Great. Thanks for your help.”
B: “Yes. It cost $7, and it takes one day.”

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    معنیاشو چرا نذاشتی ؟؟

    پاسخ : یه حرفه ای خودش معنی میکنه...
    ولی بودن کسایی ک درخواست کردن منم واسشون گذاشتم
    اینجوری طرف میره دنبال معنی دایره کلماتش هم گسترده تر مشه

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